IPOOL S.r.l. has the appropriate equipment to carry out the instrumental verification of the acoustic performance of a real estate unit or its technical elements, to be carried out on site, in compliance with current technical standards.

IPOOL S.r.l. it can also carry out the assessment of the acoustic classification of buildings in compliance with the UNI 11367 - July 2010 standard, also on a sample basis in compliance with the UNI 11444 - May 2012 standard.

More generally, the acoustic performance of buildings can be characterized, in accordance with the corresponding UNI standards, by measuring the parameters:

Facade acoustic insulation

Isolation from airborne partition noise;

Ambient noise level within unoccupied environments

Impact noise level

Sound level input from continuous and discontinuous systems.

Reverberation time;

Speech Transmission Index (STI and RASTI according to IEC 60268-16, UNI EN ISO 9921: 2004, UNI EN ISO 9921)

Acquired experiences of particular importance:

As part of the Life + Environment Policy and Governance project (LIFE13 ENV / IT / 000225),
Gioconda (the GIOvani CONte in the Decisions on Environment and Health), under contract of the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the CNR and of ARPA Emilia Romagna, iPOOL S.r.l. has conducted outdoor building acoustic and environmental noise pollution measurements at eight schools in various cities in Italy: in Naples, San Miniato, Ravenna, Taranto.
The measures are aimed at the complete description of the acoustic characteristics of school environments, to be subsequently compared with the answers to questionnaires administered to pupils and teachers.

Schools where measurements were made
Example of internal measurement   
    Example of external measurement

Measurements for reverberation time evaluation, Rasti (speech intelligibility) and noise reduction in the classrooms of IPSAR Matteotti in Pisa.

Example of evaluation of the "Clarity", "Definition" and "Reverberation Time" indexes in a classroom.

Example of evaluation of the sound insulation of walls in a classroom.

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