iPOOL srl is a spin-off company of Pisa CNR’s Istituto per I Processi Chimico Fisici, founded in 2011. Its activity is based on a team of researchers, experts, companies and partners that works on the development of applications, skills and equipments’ production in the chemical and acoustical materials fields, as well on industrial and environmental applications.

iPOOL srl provides technical support for planning, developing and marketing of high performance products and offers highly qualified services in researching and developing analytical and instrumental technologies for industrial and environmental processes monitoring and alteration.


We carry out solid research and participation in national and international projects on the problem of noise pollution, tackled in contexts ranging from industrial plants, to transport infrastructures, up to urban agglomerations. We provide specific skills for monitoring, control, modeling and design of acoustic remediation interventions.


We study and provide technical consultancy for the design and industrialization of new products based on polymeric materials and additives for composites, also starting from recycled materials, taking care of the production chains starting from the raw materials to the end users, with the technological application of thermodynamic methodologies for process control, material characterization and product authentication.

Materials Division
tel. +39 338 3745478- materiali@i-pool.it

Acoustic Division
tel. 050 6207948 - acustica@i-pool.it

iPOOL S.r.l.     -     CF/P.IVA 01784280479

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